SBC Faculty


Blair ChapmanB.A. Campus Director, Admissions, Graduate-Employer Liaison

Richard Chapman,  B.A., Business Admin. Diploma: Campus Director, I.T. Admissions, Graphic Design Admissions.

Marcia Whittaker, Ph.D, MBA, B.Sc., Dip Ed: Principal

Heather Hyggen, B.A., Administrative Assistant Diploma, Accelerated, Student Funding, Attendance 

Marina Iyeme-Eteng, B.Sc., Administrative Assistant Diploma, Honours, Acting Registrar, Diploma and Transcripts

Kelsey MoncurAdministrative Assistant Diploma, Honours: Registrar, Diploma and Transcripts

Sheena Sproule, B.A.: Admissions Advisor; Online Classes, Blackboard Administrator

Tawnya Wawryk, B.Comm.: Corporate Training Director

Teaching Faculty:

Almeric Allie, M.Sc. in Information Technology, B.Sc. Information Science. I.T. Network Administration, Computer Applications.

Carolyn Cameron, B.Sc., RN.: Personal Care Aide program; medical classes

Dawn DevonshireB.Ed.: Communications, Career Strategies, Executive Assistant Program, Applied Administrative Procedures

Todd DevonshireB.Ed., B.Sc., MCTS: Computer Applications and Course Timetabling

Melissa EsfordB.Sc., Accounting, Mathematics, Simply Sage 50, Outlook, Access, Powerpoint, Word.

Don Feader, Computer Applications and Exam Timetabling

Avis HardyRN (Retired), BSN:  Medical Administrative Assistant/ Clinical Assistant and Personal Care Aide Programs

David Jennings, Mining Specialty courses, Human Relations, Supervision, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Law, Career Strategies

Michael Jane JordanRN, Personal Care Aide Program (Lanigan)

Sandi Kerger, Legal Assistant Diploma: Legal Administrative Assistant and Legal Assistant (Paralegal outside SK) Programs

Curline LindoMEd; BEd; Dip. Ed.: Applied Administrative Procedures; Records Information Management, Mathematics, Communications

Jaime Mirtle, B. Ed., Administrative Assistant, Accelerated Honours Diploma: Communications, Applied Administrative Procedures Career Strategies.

Carly NeilMBA, B.Comm.: Accounting, Economics, Payroll, Finance, Mathematics

Barbara Sanft, RN: Director of Personal Care Aide Program  

Joanne SelingerB.A., Keyboarding, Microsoft Word, Voice Transcription, Document Preparation

Jackie ZwarichCACE, BAC., Secretarial Diploma, : Keyboarding, Microsoft Word, Voice Transcription, Communications, Applied Administrative Procedures

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