Legal Administrative Assistant

A legal administrative assistant will find administrative and secretarial opportunities with lawyers employed by large corporations, as well as in private practice, federal, provincial, or municipal governments, and with lawyers and judges in the court system. This program provides the foundation to becoming a Legal Assistant

Start Dates: January, March, September, October

Length: 10 months/40 weeks/1040 hours

Prerequisites: Grade 12 overall average of 60 percent or GED 12 / ABE 12; pre-enrollment information session.

Tuition: $8,997 + books.

See International tuition fees

*Practicum option available at an additional cost.



“Saskatoon Business College introduced me to the legal world through the Legal Administrative Assistants Program. I had no exposure to lawyers or law firms but thought I might be interested in law. SBC trained me in the procedures of law, enabling me to work as an assistant for many years before going to law school to become a lawyer. Being a legal assistant first has given me a greater understanding in the office, and I am able to provide better service to the client. I continue to use the skills gained when I was there. Thank you.”

Mrs. Adelle Anderson, Barrister and Solicitor, Benesh Bitz & Company - Barristers, Solicitors, Mediators & Arbitrators

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